• Maunga Pu

    Maunga Pu, Aitutaki, Cook Islands .

    Hike up to Aitutaki's highest point at 124m and take in the beautiful ocean views.

  • Base One Public Beach

    Aitutaki Airport (AIT), Aitutaki, Cook Islands .

    A popular snorkeling spot and picnic area at the end of the old Aitutaki Airport Runway.

  • Aitutaki Golf Club

    Aitutaki Golf Club, Arutanga, Cook Islands .

    Play a game of golf and hang with the locals especially on Thursdays and Saturdays.

  • Ootu Beach

    Ootu Beach, Cook Islands .

    A public beach with stunning views of the little islands (motus) in the lagoon. Spend the day swimming here and visit the nearby cafe and restaurants.

  • Banyan Tree Arch

    Banyan Tree, Arutanga, Cook Islands .

    These picturesque banyan trees form a beautiful arch over the road which has become the border between the villages of Vaipae and Tautu and not to mention, a great photo opportunity.

  • The Swimming Channel

    Amuri, Cook Islands .

    The swimming channel is a popular spot for swimming as most of Aitutaki's beaches are surrounded by shallow waters. Dug out to develop the roads many years ago, the swimming channel is now about 2m deep during low tide, the perfect place to chill out on a hot day.

  • Tautu Wharf Lookout

    Tautu Wharf Lookout .

    These man-made causeways are now a great place to visit for views of the surrounding little islands (motus) in the lagoon or to watch the local fishing boats come in after a long day.

  • Piraki Lookout

    Piraki Lookout, Amuri, Cook Islands .

    Piraki Lookout is a popular spot to get great views of Aitutaki's Lagoon. The lookout can be hiked to from the Maunga Pu trail. But if you don't feel like walking, you can drive to Piraki Lookout using the gravel road after Aquila Petrol Station.

  • Taro Plantations

    Tautu, Arutanga, Cook Islands .

    Take a break from the sea views and enjoy what the land has to offer. These beautiful taro plantations are shared amongst many families so be careful and considerate when viewing them.

  • Aretuki Lookout Point

    Aretuki Lookout Point, Arutanga, Cook Islands .

    A great lookout point with views of Arutanga Harbour and the Cook Islands oldest church.

  • Aitutaki Indoor Market

    Aitutaki Market, Arutanga, Cook Islands .

    Visit Aitutaki's indoor market for fresh fruit, vegetables and ready-to-go meals. Opening hours are from 6am-12pm (or until sold out) from Monday-Saturday. But be quick, most things sell out by 7:30am, especially on Saturdays when fish is barbequed on site.

  • Taravao Beach

    Taravao Aitutaki .

    The Southernmost point of Aitutaki with great views of the little islands (motus) in the lagoon. Drive slowly and you'll get to see Aitutaki's famous mud crabs come out of their holes. Do take care driving here especially during rainy weather.

  • Arutanga CICC Church

    Arutanga CICC Church, Aitutaki, Cook Islands .

    The Arutanga CICC Church is Aitutaki's oldest limestone church built in 1823 after the arrival of Christianity. Many visitors enjoy the unique singing on Sunday mornings.

  • Tapuaetai (One Foot Island)

    Tapuaetai, Cook Islands .

    Tapuaetai, or One Foot Island, is probably the Cook Islands' most popular attraction... and for good reasons! This breathtaking island is a must-see but only accessible by boat. Take our private lagoon cruise which visits One Foot Island and many other popular spots in the lagoon.

  • Aunty Odee'z

    Aunty Odee'z, Amuri, Cook Islands .

    Aunty Odee'z is a popular takeaway only a 2 min walk along the beach from Tai Marino. Most guests enjoy the fresh fish and chips or ika mata (rawfish dish). Aunty Odee'z is also the only eatery that serves Aitutaki's famous mud crabs, so give it a try!

  • Blue Lagoon Restaurant & Bar

    Blue Lagoon Restaurant & Bar, Arutanga, Cook Islands .

    Blue Lagoon has a unique location, Aitutaki's only restaurant that sits right on the beach. It's an ideal location for a cold beer, great lagoon views and a platter of fresh sashimi or tasty curry.

  • Avatea Cafe

    Avatea cafe | Aitutaki Place to Eat | Where to eat Aitutaki, Cook Islands .

    We highly recommend Avatea Cafe, the most popular cafe on the island. Chef Karin and her amazing team try their best to put together a fresh and surprising menu based on popular dishes with a local twist and seasonal fruit & vegetables. Their fish tacos, green curry and island mac burgers are popular choices. They also serve their own summer ale on tap and an assortment of tasty smoothies.

  • Rape Bay Restaurant Pacific Resort

    Pacific Resort Aitutaki, Cook Islands .

    Stunning views and excellent service! Rapae Bay Restaurant is the place to go for a very special occasion. If dinner is too pricey, try their breakfast service which is among the cheapest available on the island. In winter you can get views of the humpback whales from the elevated restaurant. Their beach bar is great too, their happy hour is from 4-5pm.

  • Koru Cafe

    Koru Cafe, Arutanga, Cook Islands .

    Koru Cafe bakes their own breads and pastries onsite and makes beautiful meals using their own free-range eggs and other home-grown produce. They have an all-day breakfast menu and are open Tues-Sun. This makes them one of the only cafes (besides Resort restaurants) to open on Sundays.

  • Tauono's Market - Sonja's

    Tauono's Market and Cafe, Aitutaki, Cook Islands .

    Visit Sonja at Tauono Market, and browse through a small collection of home-grown organic produce from her home. Sonja has spent many years gardening, cooking and creating several dishes inspired by local produce. She and her husband created a beautiful cookbook together (available at Avatea Cafe) and once ran Tauono Cafe. Since his passing, Sonja cooks small takeaway meals from her home including coconut bread and vegan breadfruit lasagna.

  • Tamanu Restaurant

    Tamanu Restaurant, Amuri, Cook Islands .

    Tamanu Resort has the closest restaurant to Tai Marino. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Mon-Sun. They also host an island style buffet and show on Wednesday and Saturday nights.

  • T&S Aitutaki

    T&S Aitutaki, Arutanga, Cook Islands .

    Meet Steph and her husband Tu, a creative and kind couple who create authentic Cook Island black pearl jewelry for every budget as well as other local craft like ukuleles. Buy a bracelet and pat a cat!... They also head the Aitutaki Animal Rescue, a charity focused on aiding Aitutaki's many furry friends while there are no Veterinarian or SPCA services on the island.

  • Tina & Co 24/7

    Tina & Co, West side, aitutaki, Cook Islands .

    Tina & Co is the closest store to Tai Marino. Not only does it offer a selection of fresh local produce, ready-to-go meals, regular groceries and a liquor store, it's also 24/7! This comes in real handy on Sundays when most stores and restaurants close.

  • Town

    Arutanga, Cook Islands .

    Aitutaki's town is very small, an 8 min drive from Tai Marino. The town has Maina Traders (a small supermarket), TNM Petrol Station, Tumunu Takeaways, Vodafone Store, the Tourism Information Centre, the Aitutaki Market and banks BSP and BCI where you'll find an ATM and currency exchange.