Tai Marino is a family-owned and operated accommodation and opened for business in October 2020. The land it stands on is called Vaioue and was passed down throughout the generations of the Vaikai family. Gifted to him by his late father Karika Vaikai, Mark and his wife Eunice Vaikai saw its potential and planned for years in hopes of one day developing it into a rental property.  By 2018 they settled on a plan, and gifted the land and would-be bungalows to their children Vaea, Timothy and Heiva, each of whom gave their all in developing the property into what it is today. After many quiet nights and woodfires on the beach observing the stillness of the sea, the property was named Tai Marino meaning calm seas, in honour of their grandfather Karika (Pupa) Vaikai.

The hosts, Marokii and Vaea Maoate are a husband and wife team that take great care and effort to ensure each of their guests enjoy their holiday in Aitutaki. They moved to Aitutaki in 2018 when they constructed the two bungalows along with other close friends and family to complete this labour of love. They enjoy the peace and beauty of Aitutaki, the people and their strong faith. Although they were both born and raised on Rarotonga, Aitutaki has become their permanent home and they hope to share it with each of their guests, sending them off with unforgettable memories and a friendly smile.